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We are a big family with distributor in middle east, brazil, china and other countries. We invests in R&D for achieving the best solution for bus air con parts supply around the world. Our R&D teams together with our distributors, training centers are always focused on creating economical but high quality spare parts. Our made in china compressor get very perfect feedback from Germany & Australasia etc. We will look for more cooperate opportunity for bus air conditioning system spare parts! 

Right now, we are looking for distributor all over the world, we aim to supply affordable good bus air conditioner parts to help more workshop solve problems. If you agree with us and want to join our family, please contact us

With the advantage of full range of bus air con parts supply and good e marketing experience, we are looking for god partners to promote all our bus auto ac parts all over the world. We pay attention for distributor promote in different market, which will have better channels and give perfect service. At the same time, we will share better profit and support service!

If you will be our distributor for these bus A/C parts, we will give e-marketing support. For example, establish professional bus ac parts website, and give good product description, so it will help you get more business and win-win cooperation!

Thanks for your interest of our diesel test stand. Please write your detailed information, so we will send the reply email to the correct address. Your enquiry will be replied within 24 hours.

Bank transfer and western union are available as the payment method. You can pay by USD to our hongkong HSBC company account.Western union payment will be confirm the same time you pay it. And bank transfer usually takes about 3 working days arrive in our account.

It will be also ok you pay by RMB if you have friend in china. If send to our personal account, you will no need to add tax. And if you pay to our company account, you will need to add 10% as tax, which is charged by chinese government.

Right now, paypal & credit card is not available, we will be very appreciate for your cooperation.

bus ac part Shipping

All bus air conditioning parts will be packed well before shipping, the bus ac compressor will be tested under working condition, so we confirm all bus ac parts will be good condition before delivery. Usually, sample order compressor we send by air, and if big quantity, we will send these compressor by sea, which will be more economic.

We have cooperated logistic company, they can deliver these bus air condition parts to any place worldwide. All auto ac parts will be test and packed well before shipping, so it will keep in good condition during the deliver way.

Usually,if the bus air con parts need deliver by sea, so please tell us your near sea port, then we will check freight fee for you. At the same time, we will recommend you to buy the insurance, so if anything wrong happen during the shipping way, insurance company will pay for it

If you already have cooperate forwarder, no problem you arrange the shipping.We can deliver package to your forwarder warehouse for free, however, we will no responsible for any other fee.

There are differences on the system configuration between electric cars and conventional cars, the different types of electric vehicles have different characteristics. Pure electric vehicles there is no engine as a power source of the air conditioning compressor, the engine does not reach the waste heat can be used in heating, defrosting effect. Fuel cell electric vehicles nor air conditioning compressor engine as a power source, but the fuel cell engine can produce relatively stable heat. For hybrid electric vehicles, engine control strategy by its decision can not be readily used as refrigeration compressor power source. Automobile air-conditioning of the vehicle interior to adjust the primary air temperature of the air is adjusted by reducing the cooling air temperature. According to the characteristics of the electric car, the electric car that can be selected for the current main methods of cooling thermoelectric air-conditioning refrigeration, electric compressor refrigeration, heat cooling. Where waste heat can be considered in the refrigeration fuel cell electric vehicle use.

(A) thermoelectric refrigeration and air conditioning systems

Thermoelectric technology development since the late 1950s up its theoretical foundation is Nepal posts, Seebeck physical effects. The principle is N-type and P-type semiconductor is connected by a metal baffle, when the current through the N P, the electric field of the N and P in the electronics reverse flow of the hole, the energy they produce thermal energy from the crystal lattice, so the deflector endotherm at the other end of the exotherm, a temperature difference. Because of its unique advantages and has been more widely used to solve many air conditioning problems on special occasions, and to meet the people needs special occasions. Currently, the technology has been applied to the steam car refrigerators, air conditioners nuclear submarines, tanks crew of astronauts and air conditioning service and so on. Our country in the 1960s began to thermoelectric technology research and produce a good performance thermoelectric materials. Thermopile cooling capacity shown in Figure 2-16 with the operating current and the temperature difference between the hot and cold ends of the curve, the cooling capacity varies with the work of the current changes seen from the figure. Thus, the cooler can be changed by adjusting its operating voltage or the radiator current, thereby changing its cooling capacity, the supply air temperature to control the vehicle.

This technology has many suitable Electric car use characteristics, and compared with the traditional mechanical compression air conditioning systems, thermoelectric air conditioners which has the following characteristics: thermoelectric elements work needs DC power supply; change the direction of current to produce the inverse effect of cooling and heating of; thermoelectric cooling chip thermal inertia is very small, the cooling time is very short, in the case of the hot end of the cold end of the heat-load of good, power less than one minute, refrigeration piece can achieve the maximum temperature; adjust the size of the components of the operating current of the cooling rate and temperature can be adjusted, Temperature control accuracy up to 0.001 ℃, and easy to implement continuous adjustment of energy; under the correct design and application conditions, the cooling efficiency up to 90%, while the heating efficiency is much greater than one; small size, light weight, compact structure, Electric vehicles will help reduce the curb weight; high reliability, long life and easy maintenance; no moving parts, therefore no vibration, no friction, no noise and impact resistance.

Domestic someone who designed a solar-assisted electric vehicle thermoelectric air-conditioning system, which uses a thermoelectric cooling system for cooling, heating and windshield were carried defogging / defrosting efficient use of PTC heating elements. For one of the thermoelectric cooling system, cooler and radiator thermopile composed by a number of groups, the principle and structure diagram shown in Figure 2-17. Cooler in the traditional automotive air conditioning system evaporator position is adjusted for removing heat from air and water, and heat to the system heat carrier medium. Radiators automotive air conditioning system are located in the traditional position of the condenser, cooler place to absorb heat carrier medium heat, and the heat is discharged into the ambient atmosphere. Heat transfer heat carrier medium can be used a mixture of glycol and water, the same as the working fluid in the tank and automotive use, cheap and no environmental pollution. In addition, due to the thermoelectric cooling efficiency depends on the size of the thermopile cold end of the temperature difference, and to strengthen the cold heat and strengthening the cold end of the hot end of the sporadic help reduce the thermopile cold end of the temperature difference, so the car inside and outside of the thermopile are made from fan forced convection to increase the transfer and the cooling efficiency of cooling capacity. Test Table 2-2 shows the system.

1.22How to check the correct compressor model for my bus?

The compressor model will decide by the refrigerating capacity. If you need install a new compressor, please kindly give us how many meters of your bus? How many seats, and then we will check the suitable compressor model. If your bus already has compressor, please confirm this compressor label, then we will check the correct model.

2. How to confirm correct compressor clutch model?

Regarding for the clutch, we will need your information : how many pulley of your clutch, how about the clutch diameter? It will be much better you supply us the clutch picture, so we will have a confirm of it.

3. How to check correct condenser fan and blower model?

We will need the spal part number, then we can check the correct interchange model. And you can also give us the bus ac fan, bus ac blower size, picture, so we confirm it.

4. Please quota Bock Compressor Shaft Seal FK40 , P/N: 80023,If possible, please send us some photo for the type you have preferably the one with light green tissue packing. And also, the cover note in front of the packing has to be the same with ours.


We can see it is original bock shaft seal, no problem we can supply same quality, color and packing. Photos also can be check in our website!

5:How can i get the package after payment? Can you send it to my  address?

We supply after sales support in all process to help customer solve all the problem. We have long term cooperated logistic company, usually we deliver by air or by sea.we can help to arrange shipping to your nearby sea port.

We saw in your website that you have the clutches for the BOCK compressors, can you quote us 5 pcs price?

Yes, we sell a/c and refrigeration components, also compressor clutch. We will need you give clutch size details,then quote correct price. Becuase the bock compressor different model use different clutch model.

6. Please send me qoute for new bitzer compressor

we can supply original bitzer compressor al models and compressor parts. Please refer to the following bitzer compressor model and let me know which model you are looking for?

Then I will quote our best offer.



Cylinder volume

Number of cylinders x Bore x stroke

R134a lubricants Model

Speed range   allowed

Bitzer F400




500-4500 1/min

Bitzer 4TFCY




500-3500 1/min

Bitzer 4PFCY




500-3500 1/min

Bitzer 4NFCY




500-3500 1/min

Bitzer 6PFCY




500-3500 1/min

Bitzer 6NFCY




500-3500 1/min


7. Can you please send me prices & list for Denso drier. Do you also carry coachair parts?Can you please send me bus compressor prices for bitzer, Bock & O5G etc

Ok, we can supply all of the above bus air con parts, please see the quotation in attached file.

8: How to be your distributor in our country?

We welcome you join us, our dealers need to meet the following conditions: 1: Good knowledge skill for bus air con parts 2: Good experience for bus air conditioning parts resell.3: enough investment for stock. 4: Good experience in import and export. We give support for our distributor technical improvements and marketing. For more details please email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

9: how about your payment terms?

You can choose from bank transfer (USD) and western union. Of course, payment in RMB is also ok.

10: can i pay by installment?

Sorry, installment is not available now, and we deal with 100% TT in advance.

11: How long you will get payment via bank transfer? How long will   you take to provide me


Usually, payment arrives in our account within 3 working days. Shipping days depends on the order quantity. We have some in stock, and small quantity order can be ship within 2 working days after payment arrive. We can deliver to your cooperated logistic company or we arrange the shipping for you. It takes about 5 working days to your cooperated city( different city).

12. How long will it take the bus air con parts arrive me?

It takes about 2 working days to prepare bus air conditioning parts and 5 working days deliver to logistic company warehouse. Package wait for the ship 2-10 days, and then take about 22 days during the shipping by sea. If send by air, it will be much quicker, take about 3-5 working days to arrive you. Usually, you will need take about 5 days to clean customs. In total, it will take abut 27-45 days to get machine after payment, of course, it will depends on your payment date and place distance. Asian country usually take half of this time.

13: If I pay 50% deposit can you deliver package to my cooperated    logistic company?

No, we will arrange the deliver after get full payment, it will take about 2 working days.

14: Will it be ok to pay other currency except USD?

Yes, it is ok. Please make sure we will not loss for the currency exchange. Please check with bank the exactly correct amount to send.

15: Will it be ok my Chinese friend help me to pay in RMB?

Yes, no problem!

16: I want to buy your equipment, I wanna fly to your company and   talk more details?

You are welcome to visit our factory, but please confirm with our sales. So they will make good arrange prepare for your visit. They will talk with you on cooperate issue.

17: I want to be your dealer, what can i get to be your dealer?

If we do not have dealer in your market, we will talk details with you. However, this your market has the agent already, you will be welcome to talk with them. And you can cooperate with our dealer on selling. As a distributor, you will enjoy free technical training, free product training, free market analysis, free advertising, free making website, distribution agreement, agency contracts, sales discounts, etc

Bus air conditioning parts Warranty

Our technical engineers will test and check these bus air con parts before delivery, so it will make sure bus ac parts arrive you in good condition. All brand new ac parts series enjoy 1 year warranty, it is suitable for the main part, like the new compressor, blower, clutch, control panel etc. And renew compressor usually give 6 month warranty.

However, this warranty will not cover the easy-damaged parts and wrong operate. At the same time, we supply spare parts for the bus ac unit. So you will easily to solve any problem in use.

Before your order, we will welcome you send details to confirm, so we will make sure the right bus ac parts models. We he will need the detailed model for compressor, each compressor has a label, which show the detailed compressor model. For example, the bizer 4NFCY will have label show bitzer 4nfcy. If you can not sure of it, kindly send picture to our sales. For both bus air conditioning parts clutch, blower and condenser fan, we will appreciated if you can give detailed size and parameters, then i will confirm the correct model.

At the same time, we supply good after sales service for bus air conditioning parts .And if you meet problem in use, please kindly let me know it, it will make us improve our auto ac parts products. We will be appreciate if you will send picture to show the problem. Please give us detailed description of the problem. Usually, you can contact us by email or telephone. Our technical department will reply you within 24 hours (Monday to Friday).

As a full range of bus ac parts supplier, we will supply customize service according to your demand. We will welcome your sample, or size details to make the parts for bus fleet.  Full range of bus airconditioning parts are available on different quality level to meet different target price.

Our factory can produce bus air con compressor clutch according to your clutch sample or clutch size. And we already do the bock compressor clutch, bitzer compressor clutch and denso compressor clutch for our customers.our business partner give very high feedback for these high quality compressor clutch with very good price.

At the same time, we supply full range of renew compressor according to your target price. At the same time, we will recommend customer choose original brand new compressor, like the bitzer compressor models and bock compressor models.

Customize service also for condenser fan and blower, here we have full range of bus air con con

denser fan, bus air con blower, which perfect interchange with spal blower , and spal condenser!

Choose us, you will choose customize solution, we will try our best to satisfy you.


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