Bock Suction Filter Bock FK40 New Compressor Parts 080076

Bock Suction strainer for bus air conditioning compressor, which is widely used in bus air refrigeration system. No matter which bus model, cooling capacity, bus brand, Bock Suction strainer is your best solution for your bus air conditioning. So Bock Suction strainer is very popular.

Parameter ofBock Suction strainer for bus air conditioning compressor






Bock FK40

Bock compressor




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Bitzer Suction strainer forbus air conditioning bock compressor

Some time, you will no need to replace the whole bus compressor parts and just need to repair or replace some compressor spare part. We supply all compressor spare parts for bock compressor, for example: bock shaft oil seal, Complete gasket, shut-off valve, connecting rod, assembled piston, crank shaft bearing , clutch etc.

Warranty forBock Suction strainer

We give 1 year warranty for this bock Suction strainer. At the same time, we also provide compressor free repair service.

Return & replacement Policy

We will confirm all the necessary information before you place order. If this bock Suction strainer not fit for your ac system, we will accept return or replacement. All the shipping cost caused will be paid by our company.

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