SONGZ AC Panel 5000330 Control Panel For Yutong Kinglong Higer Bus HVAC Climate Controller Panel

SONGZ AC Panel 5000330 Control Panel for bus, it is original high quality, 100% perfectly suit for your bus air conditioning system. SONGZ aircon control panel is widely use in bus brands like Kinglong bus, Yutong bus, Higer bus, Golden dragon bus, Jinbei car, Iveco car and so on. As a professional bus ac parts supplier in china, we sincerely welcome your inquiry.


Descriptions for SONGZ electronic control panel

1.9 Buttons of SONGZ control panel: on (open and close air conditioner), MODE, Function key, 2 Tempureture adjust key, 2 Temp set key and 2 air volume adjust key.

2.Newest SONGZ control panel add Mode key: Muti working mode is avaliable ( note: heating option work only when air conditioning has heating function)

3.Function keys of SONGZ digital control panel: You can choose from air conditioning outer cycle, sterilization, shut down, automatic mode

4. Control panel has voltage indicator light: when the generator does not work, or voltage below 20V, air conditioning automatically shut down and alarm indicator lights on

5. Bus ac Temp set key: set temperature inside the bus vehicle and defrost function.

Parameters of SONGZ climate control ACC unit

Temperature Range 


Working Voltage

DC24V (DC20 +1 V ~ 32 +1 V) 

Temperature and humidity range

-30 ℃ -80 ℃, 5% -95% RH non-condensing environment

Storage temperature and humidity range

-10 ℃ -70 ℃, 5% -95% RH non-condensing environment


Temperature Dropping Process

Warming process 


High Speed/ Refrigeration

High Speed/ Refrigeration


Middle Speed/ Refrigeration

Middle Speed/ no Refrigeration


Low Speed /No Refrigeration

Low Speed /No Refrigeration


Advantages of SONGZ climate control ACC unit SONGZ electronic control panel

Advantages: SONGZ control panel is wide temperature setting range, full-featured, with the voltage alarm function, user friendly.

MOQ of SONGZ control panel? Delivery time of the bus ac control panel?

SONGZ control panel MOQ is 1 pc. More quantity more discount. We will send this control panel within 3 working days after payment. If control panel order quantity is rather big, we will talk more detailed delivery time.

How to confirm correct SONGZ climate control ACC unit SONGZ ac control panel for me?

Please inform us your bus ac system tag information. Please send your bus ac control panel picture for our engineers confirm. We do bus air conditioner parts for more than 10 years, we will sure offer right control panel model.

Guarantees & Technical support for SONGZ Bus Air Conditioner Control Panel

Guarantees for SONGZ ac Control Panel is 1 year.

We have engineers to give tech support for install and maintenance help. If you need any tech support for bus ac control panel and also bus aircon parts, we welcome you contact us via email or telephone.

Bus aircon parts SONGZ climate control ACC unit SONGZ control panel front picture

SONGZ AC Panel 5000330 Control Panel

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