BUS A/C Control Panel Yutong Kelin Original New Suit Yutong Bus 8112-00024 Featured

The Bus Air Conditioner Control Panel is suitable for different bus. This ac panel has function keys like: automatic control, refrigeration, fresh air, compressor control, wind speed adjust, multi-stage air volume, Adjustment and the second function etc.


If you are not sure if this one suit for your bus, the following are 4 quick and EASY ways to get answer:

1). Tell us your Bus Model, Bus Year and Bus Air Conditioner Brand

2). Take photo of panel control (front and back) to us

3). It’s better also offer Control Panel Model and Parts coding correctly.

4). Send us this information as message below or via our Live Chat-Ali trader manager

1. Technical Parameters of Bus Control Panel Kelin 8112-00024

Temperature Range: 15-32

Working Voltage: DC24V (DC20 +1 V ~ 32 +1 V)

Temperature and humidity range: -30  -80 , 5% -95% RH non-condensing environment

Storage temperature and humidity range: -10  -70 , 5% -95% RH non-condensing environment



1) Return air temperature sensor (25 ° C, Rb = 5K, B = 3274)

1) Condenser fan (maximum 300mA)  

2) Defrost temperature sensor (25 , Rb = 5K, B = 3274)

2) High wind speed (maximum 300mA)

3) Pressure sensor

3) Wind Speed (maximum 300mA)

4)Power (Generator Power Detection)

4) low speed wind (maximum 300mA)

5) Auto power source (battery)

5) Fresh Air open (maximum 300mA)  

6) Backlight power

6) Fresh Air off (maximum 300mA)


7) Compressor clutch (maximum 300m A)


8) Excitation (maximum 3)

2. Bus Control Panel Kelin 8112-00024 Features:

1). Long life’s-pan working for bus AC.

2). All kinds of bus brand: Kia, Kinglong bus, Yutong bus, Higer bus, Golden dragon bus and so on.

3). Good price with a closer service.

It is a durable product for bus air conditioning system

Our bus AC control panel with an easy and simple mounting design.

It provides Fan high, Fan middle, Fan low; Error display; Compressor indicating, shift function.

Good price and service gives your all the business convenience.

3. Notes for your Bus Control Panel Kelin 8112-00024

Yeah, when you install bus air condition climate control panel, most important is CLOSE POWER, and no water.

When use, if bus ac control panel installed beside Driver Window, remember to close Window when it’s rainy; if install at main control, it doesn’t matter, just keep it clean.


4. Guarantees & Technical support provide for Bus Control PanelKelin 8112-00024

We give 1 year warranty for this bus ac panel controller. At the same time, we also provide compressor free repair service.

Our engineers have experience with auto ac repair and exchange. Tech support like instruction file and air conditioner maintenance project plan will supply with product. We aim to our customer use product ordered from us successfully.


5. What kind of payment you accept?

We accept Western Union, Bank Transfer, Money Gram, Paypal (under USD500)

6. Show Details of this Bus Control Panel Kelin 8112-00024

Control Panel Yutong Kelin Original New Suit Yutong Bus 8112-00024Control Panel Yutong Kelin Original New Suit Yutong Bus 8112-00024Control Panel Yutong Kelin Original New Suit Yutong Bus 8112-00024

You may interested other necessary AC parts to exchange this compressor, such as Clutch, Generator, Refrigerant.

Attention: compressor has special requirement for the refrigerant, which important to keep compressor in long lifetime.

Here we supply 100% good refrigerant to make your compressor work in good condition!

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