Expansion Valve for bus Auto air conditioning expansion valve TCLE512

Expansion Valve for bus Auto air conditioning expansion valve TCLE512 

TCLE5 1 2 expansion valve is an important component in the refrigeration system, generally installed place between the tube and the evaporator. The expansion valve make the temperature from high-pressure liquid refrigerant passes through the throttling temperature to the low-pressure wet steam, and then the refrigerant absorbs heat in the evaporator to achieve the cooling effect, by the end of the expansion valve through the evaporator superheat to control flow through the valve changes, to prevent evaporator area utilized and knock phenomenon.


How to Judge the quality of TCLE5 1 2 expansion valve

Good expansion valve in operating state should change as evaporator load, the opening degree changed in real time, control the flow. But in fact, because thermal package feel the temperature of the heat transfer on the existence of hysteresis resulting expansion valve response  will be be lated. If we depict a flow diagram expansion valve time, we will find it is not a smooth curve, but the twists and turns cord. The quality is reflected in magnitude of twists and turns of the expansion valve, the more  greater the magnitude of the slower reaction of the valve, the quality is worse.

Features of TCLE5 1 2 expansion valve

1, expansion valve adopts balanced structure of advanced dual-flow orifice.

2, expansion valve due to the use of the double flow of thermal expansion valve, the refrigeration system province expansion valves, check valves, and the number of solenoid valves.

3, the expansion valve bidirectional balanced port, the static superheat as the condensing pressure or the pressure drop through the valve orifice changes.

4, the expansion valve superheat a stable, so that the system is stable.

5, the expansion valve for refrigeration, air conditioning and other operational needs.

6, the expansion valve evaporation temperature range: -40 ℃ to + 10 ℃.

7, the expansion valve for R12 (Freon), R22 (Two Chlorodifluoromethane), R134a and other media

TCLE5 1 2 expansion valve Function

1 To save the power and adjust the flow throttling.

2 To prevent the wet compression and hydraulic shock and abnormal overheating from compressor


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