Expansion Valve Honeywell TMXR134a Original New suit bus A/C Parts

Expansion Valve Honeywell TMXR134a Original New suit bus A/C Parts

Expansion Valves are used to expand liquid refrigerant from a higher pressure and a higher temperature to a lower pressure and a lower temperature. As a controller for superheat, Expansion Valves control the refrigerant mass flow depending on evaporating pressure and temperature at the outlet of the evaporator. They adjust the quantity of the injected refrigerant exactly and guarantee an economic function by optimal use of the evaporator surface.


Place of original: Germany

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Honeywell Expansion Valve Specifications

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1. Bus model: CHINESE Yutong, Kinglong, etc, KOREAN Hyundai, Daewoo, JAPANESE Hino, Suzuki, UD, NISSAN, Toyota,etc. EUROPEAN Scania, Caterpillar, Volvo, Benz, etc.

2. Offer expansion valve for World Famous Bus Manufacturers

3. We supply all kinds of bus ac related spare parts, Own professional bus ac system technical team, offer technical guide and maintenance plan.

4. Good quality, 100% original Honeywell expansion valve.

Advantages of Honeywell Expansion Valve:

Why need to choose correct expansion valve?

Thermal expansion valve matching plays an important role on performance of entire system, and suitable expansion valve will maximize use it and make evaporator perfectly match with thermal loads.

How to choose correct suitable Expansion Valve?

You can choose according to refrigerant of your refrigeration system, the range of evaporation temperature and evaporator superheat loadsize.

Method and steps:

1) Confirm refrigerant type

2) Confirm the range of evaporation temperature

3) Cooling capacity.

4) Pressure difference between the import and export of thermal expansion valve.

5) Balance way of internal or external pressure.

6) Connector size

Expansion Valve Honeywell TMXR134a Original New suit bus A/C Parts

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