COMPRESSOR Clutch 24V BB New suit DENSO 10P30B Toyota coaster bus

Brand New Clutch we only supply ensure 100% original. All types of compressor clutch 10P30C, including Belt Groove as follows: A, 2A, B, 2B, double O. The information here is just one of these models and if it is not you want, please let me know your car model, year and engine model.


1.    What car model 10p30b compressor clutch fit for?

2.    Which clutch fit for me: 10P30B ?

3.    Technical details for 10P30B compressor clutch

4.  Ac compressor clutch bub remove for Toyota

5.    Clutch hub installation process for coaster

6.    What guarantees provide for 10P30B coaster clutch?

7.    What is this clutch or replacement policy?

8.    Troubleshoot checklist on compressor clutch

9.    Do you supply technical support for 10P30B clutch?

10.  What other customers order together with clutch?

11.  Toyota coaster clutch frame structure display

12.  Bus AC compressor clutch for Toyota coaster pictures

What car model 10P30B compressor clutch fit for?

This bus ac compressor clutch 10P30B fit for all TOYOTA Coaster models up to now. TOYOTA Coaster made in USA, Japan and China. Fit for TOYOTA Coaster mini bus with compressor 10P30B.

Which clutch fit for me: 10P30B ?
It will be judge from the following 2 points: 1).Where is your Coaster place of original? 2).Which year of your Coaster? Please confirm us the above information, our engineers will check for you easily!

3. Technical details for 10P30B compressor clutch:

4. AC compressor Clutch hub Remove for Toyota

1. Remove clutch retaining ring or nut. Use a spanner wrench to prevent the hub plate from turning.

2. Attach the tool to the end plate by threading the outer nut of the tool into the center hole of the clutch end plate.

3. Tighten the inner tool arbor against the end of the compressor shaft to lift the plate.

5. Clutch hub Installation process for coaster

1. Position the shaft key in place.

2. Slide the clutch hub onto the shaft of the compressor. Be careful not to damage the components by using excess force.

3. Thread the inner part of the tool onto the shaft. Tighten the outer nut of the tool to push the shaft key in.

Pictures of compressor clutch 10P30B

compressor clutch 10P30B picture 1

Clutch 24V BB New suit DENSO 10P30B Bus AC PartClutch 24V BB New suit DENSO 10P30B Bus AC Part

compressor clutch 10P30B picture 2

Clutch 24V BB New suit DENSO 10P30B Bus AC PartClutch 24V BB New suit DENSO 10P30B Bus AC Part

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