Compressor Magnetic Clutch 24V 2A Suit Yutong Bus

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This bus ac clutch suit for Bock compressor, it is compact structure, convenient installation, reliable operation and energy saving. At the same time, it is high quality at competitive price. This clutch is perfect choice for bus ac compressor and it is widely use in Asia, America, Europe, Africa bus air conditioner system.Content

Quick Details of Bus AC 2 Pulley clutch

Part No




strap wheel slot model

Strap wheel diameter







Pictures of Bus AC 2 Pulley clutch

24V 2A clutch for compressor Struction picture

Compressor Magnetic Clutch Suit Yutong Bus AC Part

picture of The 24V 2A clutch coil

Compressor Magnetic Clutch Suit Yutong Bus AC Part

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