Blower motor Denso original New suit denso air conditioning 282500 1410

1. Bus AC Conditioning Fan motor Specifications

This Conditioning fan is compact structure, convenient installation, reliable operation, low noise, energy saving and high efficiency. At the same time, it is high quality at competitive price. Our Conditioning fan get CE,RHOS. As the most popular bus resistance air conditioner fan, it is widely use in Asia, America, Europe, Africa bus air conditioner system.


2. To offer your suitable bus aircon condensate motor, please confirm us following 7information:

Dear friend, please check following picture, and offer data information (1-7) to us, then we can find correct one for you.

3. Bus ac motor fan 282500-1410 durability:

Our version is original one, its life time is 5,000-1,0000 hours.

4. Features of bus air condition fan motor

1) Brush motor blower for bus Conditioning.

2) Long working life span

3) 1 year warranty. For over 3 years experiences, our bus air conditioner blower are in high efficiency, long use life time and low noise.

5. My bus ac motor was broken, you know what’s the reason?

Lack of Brushless motor. Brushless motor is a Device which transfer energy or signal between motor fixed part and Turning part.

6. Bus ac Motor Fan Blower suitable vehicles Area

all brands of Chinese bus, Asian bus, Korean bus, and big machine models (engineering vehicles), our customers are all from Asian, Middle east, Africa countries.

7. Ac Conditioning Fan Motor 282500-1410 pictures how

Pictures of AC condensor fan motor 282500-1410

Motor 282500-1410 - Picture 1

Blower motor Denso original New suit denso air conditioning 282500 1410

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