ZHONGTONG BUS air conditioner ECU BUS air conditioning control A/C ECU box Featured

ZHONGTONG BUS air conditioner ECU BUS air conditioning control box

The control box is a high quality air-conditioning control box, it looks beautiful, solid and reliable, it suitable for Zhong-Tong Bus,Tongsheng conditioner. This bus air conditoning controller box has the function of regulation, protection, control air conditioning system role. There are 10 pieces of auto fuse on the controller box, 8 pieces of large fuses, that is seven 40A fuse and one 30A fuse with green line. Small fuse are one 10A fuse with red color and 20A fuse with yellow color. 10 relay includes 9 pieces of BOSCH (0986 AHO 811) relays and one JSB-5061F relays.



Seven 40A fuse + 30A fuse (Green color)

10 pieces of relays = 9 BOSCH(0986 AHO 811) + 1 piece of JSB-5061F

2 little fuse = 10A fuse(Red color) + one 20A fuse(Yellow color)


1. Regulators: ensure the air-conditioning systems work normal

2. protect Air-conditioning system not to damage

3. Control air conditioning system is operating normally

Pictures of auto air conditioner controller box

BUS air conditioning control box picture 1


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