Air Conditioner A/C Low Pressure Switch Applicable For Kelin Air Conditioning System

Air Conditioner Low Pressure Switch Applicable For Kelin Air Conditioning System

HFC-134a low Pressure Controller Description:

Auto air conditioning pressure controller also called auto air conditioning pressure switch, gas tank is powered bellows chamber pressure signal received after the bellows gas tank produce displacement, and promote contacts on and off, to control protection purposes. HFC-134a pressure controller suit for Kelin air conditioning systems, is one of the important refrigeration equipment switches.


HFC-134a low Pressure Controller Feature:

²  small and exquisite appearance, easy to install, can be within the high-pressure pressure sensor system.

²  the switch electrical contacts and long working life (100,000 times), shockproof and excellent  performance.

²  copper pressure sensor is reliable, pneumatic high precision, using international advanced welding technology and equipment, excellent sealing performance, less than one percent of the leak.

²  the working pressure can be manufactured according to the requirements of users (15 ~ 500PSI/0.1 ~ 3.45Mpa).

Applicable system


Product Type






screws O.D(mm)


threaded O.D(mm)


Line length(cm)


Total length(cm)





HFC-134a low Pressure Controller Parameters:

Operating pressure range: -15 ~ 500PSI, 0.10 ~ 3.45MPa

Working Pressure deviation: ± 3 ~ 30PSI, ± 0.02 ~ 0.20MPa

Maximum working pressure: PCH Serie: ≤ 700PSI, PCH

Series: ≤ 4.8MPa , PCL Serie ≤ 300PSI, PCL Series: ≤ 2.1MP

Maximum working pressure without leakage lasted two minutes

maximum burst pressure: PCH Serie ≤ 5500PSI, PCH Series: ≤ 38MPa, PCL Serie ≤ 3000 PSI, PCL Series: ≤ 20.5MP Max burst pressure for 2 minutes without bursting Operating

Temperature Ambient Temperature: -40 ~5 ℃, medium temperature: -50 ~ 125 ℃

Power supply: 56/60Hz, 36VDC,, 6A

Voltage --- Amperage

24 ------ - 125VA pilot duty

120 ------- 375VA pilot duty

240 ------- 375VA pilot duty

Dielectric strength: AC 700VRMS

Open switch 1500VRMS

Terminals fitting contact voltage: AC 700V for 1 minute without strike wear and flashover insulation: AC 1800V for 1 minute without breakdown and flashover Insulation resistance: ≥ 500MΩ (500VDC)

Contact resistance: ≤ 20mΩ

working life: ≥ 100,000 Cycles

HFC-134a low Pressure Controller Operation:

When the system pressure is higher than the pressure required safety devices, the inside control air pressure sensor will start immediately, make the  controller switches off , and the device stops working, when the system pressure was returned to the device safe pressure range, the pressure sensor controller reset immediately, but because the controller has a self-locking device work reasons, micro switch does not turn, then need to manually press the button to make the micro-pressure switch is turned on, device starts work.

HFC-134a low Pressure Controller Installation location:

Auto air conditioning and refrigeration systems, generally have a pressure switch. The pressure switch has high pressure and low pressure switch, high and low combination pressure switch and three pressure switch , with its installation position and function are different.Install on the high-pressure pipe, which is the compressor discharge pipe, the purpose is to detect high-pressure pipe pressure condition, the compressor is controlled

Low pressure switch:

Prevent the system pressure is too low (refrigerant leakage serious, evaporator frost), controlling the electromagnetic clutch-off and bypass solenoid valve.

HFC-134a low Pressure Controller Function:

Mainly used in auto air conditioning systems, to prevent the system pressure is too high and too low,and to protect the air-conditioning system is always in a safe operating pressure range


Q:central air pressure controller is divided into two parts, high and low pressure parts and what are they controlled

A:Low evaporation pressure controller monitors, high voltage controller monitors the condensing pressure! When the system pressure exceeds the set range, the automatic protection function will be activated - stop alarm

Pictures of HFC-134a low Pressure Controller

Picture 1 of HFC-134a Pressure Controller

Air Conditioner A/C Low Pressure Switch Applicable For Kelin Air Conditioning System

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