Auto A/C Compressor Valve wrench tool Multifunctional Auto Repair Tools

Auto Compressor Valve wrench tool Multifunctional Auto Repair Tools

Valve wrench tool is an automotive air conditioning repair tools, it is  is a common installation and removal tool to removable air valve. The use of leverage wrenching bolts, screws, nuts and other threaded bolt or nut adherence sleeve openings or holes firmware hand tools. Wrench shank portion generally formed with one or both ends of an external force is applied to clamp the shank shank external force is applied, can turn bolts or nuts holding screw bolt or nut sleeve openings or holes. When used along the threaded shank portion in the direction of rotation force is applied, you can twist turn bolts or nuts. Wrench is usually made of carbon steel or alloy steel.


Function of Valve wrench tool

  1. Specifically for automotive, commercial and residential air-conditioning equipment, refrigeration units and cold storage.
  2. Hexagonal packing seal openings for pipe fittings, mounting bolts, clutch bolts, pipe joints, dust cover bolts and check oil Check plug.
  3. Square opening for service valve protruding bolt fittings, valves and refrigeration refrigerator compressor bolts tightened.

Scope of Valve wrench tool

Automobile factory, automobile engine factory, car engine and recycling companies, automobile repair business, automotive research institutions, research institutes automobile engine, air conditioning, research institutions, automotive training school, auto repair shop owners, car enthusiasts, car driving researchers member, MPV car, SUV cars, pickup trucks, public buses, tour buses, long-distance buses, luxury buses, school buses, cars, heavy trucks, light trucks, special vehicles, mining machinery, agricultural machinery,

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Auto Compressor Valve wrench tool

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