Auto tools Circuit Tester Car Electric Pen Test Pencil 6V-12V-24V A/C tools

Auto Circuit Tester Car Electric Pen Test Pencil 6V-12V-24V The neon-electroscope with the brand Shidanni is specially designed for detecting faults in low tension circuits oftraffic or transport machinery. It is suitable for machinery. 

Voltage range:6V-12V-24V



1. Unique long-service neon lamp, high safety and no heat in operation.

2. Innovative elastic wire with fine tensile property.

3. Compact, light configuration, with hodler for ease of handling and use.

4. Each neon-electroscope with one standby lamp, which can be replaced through opening the top cap.


1. Insert the banana plug at one end of the testing wire into top metal cap of the neon-electroscope and ensure sound contact.

2. Clip the alligator clip at the other end of the testing wire to the grouding(i.e. the automobile's metal caing).

3. Insert the electroscope's needle head into insulation of the wire to be measured.

4. Alit lamp in the pen arm indicates a loop(or complete circuit) has been established at the testing point, and the service is normal. If the indicator is not lit, it shows there is fault that needs shooting.


1. Do not use the neon-electroscope beyond its range.

2. It is normal phenomenon that different luminance may be featured because of diverisity of voltages.

3. Be careful of the electroscope's sharp end and position it to a safe place.

professional car tester pencil , measuring crisper point , the light of point is positive electrode

Auto tools Circuit Tester Car Electric Pen Test Pencil 6V-12V-24V

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