As a full range of bus ac parts supplier, we will supply customize service according to your demand. We will welcome your sample, or size details to make the parts for bus fleet. Full range of bus airconditioning parts are available on different quality level to meet different target price.
Our factory can produce bus air con compressor clutch according to your clutch sample or clutch size. And we already do the bock compressor clutch, bitzer compressor clutch and denso compressor clutch for our customers.our business partner give very high feedback for these high quality compressor clutch with very good price.
At the same time, we supply full range of renew compressor according to your target price. At the same time, we will recommend customer choose original brand new compressor, like the bitzer compressor models and bock compressor models.
Customize service also for condenser fan and blower, here we have full range of bus air con condenser fan, bus air con blower, which perfect interchange with spal blower , and spal condenser!
Choose us, you will choose customize solution, we will try our best to satisfy you.

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